It is vitally important that all property owners, intent on building within the estate, familiarise themselves with the contents and responsibilities incumbent on property owners when commencing

To all Property Owners, Designers, Architects and Builders

Further to the approval of scrutinised building plans for Mariners Village, ensure that the following are adhered to before any Completion or Handover Certificates will be awarded:


• Pavements / Verges: It is the responsibility of the individual owners that the verges of each property be maintained. It is, therefore, a good idea to incorporate the landscaping of each erf’s verge as part of the landscaping design of the respective properties.

• Driveway paving: Please note that only the following will be accepted as appropriate driveway paving – Brick pavers or cobble setts being Dark Charcoal Cobbles, Tan Cobbles (to match Wheatstone brick pavers). Combinations of these materials with brick borders to single garage driveways 3.0 m wide and to double garages, 7.0 m wide in straight lines perpendicular to the street boundary are allowed. Please also try to limit the extent of driveway paving as much as possible.

• In-situ pressed concrete and unpaved driveways not permitted.

• Owners of erven are required to design and implement the garden landscapes on their properties in accordance with the conditions, specifications and restrictions as allowed for in the guidelines. The general theme is fynbos and natural gardens with water-wise plants.


• Bagged walls and Ship Lapping (Nutec Vermont cladding) will be permitted, where the treatment of such a wall does not comprise most of the built structure.

• The use of this treatment type will only be permitted in small elements to add character.


• No walls or fences are permitted on the street frontage. The concept is to minimize walls as much as possible to street boundaries to give a feeling of openness and space. Should any such wall be permitted by the Review Committee, it shall not exceed the height of 0, 5 meters.

• Boundary walls are compulsory and should be acceptably finished having a rounded top to recreate a “werf muur” being painted the same colour as the dwelling. Construction to be consistent with the main structure.

• Acceptable finishing to boundary walls is as follows:

– Walls are to be plastered and painted;

– Boundary walls constructed from concrete blocks are discouraged;

– Boundary walls facing public open spaces are to be painted the same colour as the

boundary walls of the estate. Where possible these walls are to be painted the same/similar colour of surrounding properties’ street boundary walls to prevent a ‘patchwork’ appearance of colours.

• Heights and acceptable lengths to boundary walls remain as per the guidelines.

• Height is to be determined from the natural (existing) ground level of the property adjacent to the wall.

• Yard screen walls are to be 2,1m high, measured from the finished ground level of the yard.


• The position of satellite dishes must be indicated on plans. Dishes are to be positioned to be as unobtrusive as possible. This is to ensure that dishes are as inconspicuous as possible.


• There have been requests to install ‘unique’ front doors to houses, either with ‘patterns’ or with glazed elements. The guidelines allow for an amount of individual expression on houses, therefore making front doors ‘unique’ may be considered. The Design Review Committee should be made aware of such choices (prior to ordering) to ensure that the ‘spirit’ of the guidelines is not compromised through the choice. If possible, the door design should be indicated on plans submitted to the Design Review Committee for approval.


Please also see Contractors Agreement Documentation