The purpose of the Contractors Agreement is to ensure that the building process embarked upon by any property owner within the estate occurs with the least disruption and inconvenience to residents already residing within the estate. Its function is to protect all involved in this process, ensuring that should any damage to kerbs, side-walks or road surfaces etc, occur within the estate,  the estate has a pre-agreed mechanism for the reinstatement of these damaged areas at the cost of the property owner.

Application to Commence Building Project June 2019
Application for Project Completion and Acceptance Certificate June 2019
Building Contractors Agreement June 2019
Building Fines Penalties Chart June 2019
Builders Labour Registration June 2019
Building Plan Approval or Non-Approval Notification January 2019
Building Plans Submission Checklist January 2019
Building Site Information January 2019
Contractors Agreement  (PDF)
Contractors Agreement Plan Submittance Procedure  (PDF)
Contractor Registration Application June 2019