Development Plan

The purpose of making the estate development plan available is to help all property owners properly understand the “description” of the properties they own. In this instance, we specifically refer to the difference in planning requirements which Group Housing and Single Residential properties attract – in terms of the design manual and the Overstrand Municipal zoning scheme, to which the estate is compliant.

To avoid unnecessary wasted costs and time, we ask that particular attention is paid to these subtle differences when drafting plans for submission.

Click on the links below to open the PDFs

Please click here to open the Mariner’s Village Layout plan  (PDF)

Mariners Village Elevation  (PDF)

Mariners Village Sketch-plan  (PDF)

Mariners Village colour sketch water-features  (PDF)

Mariners Village New Entrance Plan  (PDF)

Mariners Village New Entrance  (PDF)

Mariners Village Architectural Manual   (PDF)