All the Single Residential properties to have plan forms that are rectangular in shape to the major structure. Additionally, these homes are to be composed of the major structure and minor elements flowing from this, such as lean-to roofs and pergolas, all generally of common building elements.

Most single residential properties have elevated positions with views and making use of double-storey major structures to the built form allows for these properties to have distant sea views.

As with group housing properties, the design of double-storey dwellings making use of the “loft” spaces is encouraged, as is water-wise natural fynbos landscaping. Single Residential properties are to have coverage not exceeding 50% and homes to have a minimum size of 180 square metres exclusive of garage/s and stoeps.

All requirements relating to the dwellings, ie building parameters such as maximum heights, boundary building lines etc. applicable to single residential properties are available under all documents.